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Finance Documents & Audit Reports

Alston Moor Parish Council aims to be open and transparent in all its financial activities, with financial management that is adequate, effective and with a sound system of internal control. The foundation to achieve this is our Financial Regulations.

At the January precept meeting, our annual budget for the following year is discussed and receives final approval.  Once the expenditure budget is agreed and any expected income deducted, it leaves a balance required for the council to provide its services and deliver its Strategic Plan.

This balance is called the ‘Precept’, and is the amount the Parish Council asks Westmorland and Furness Council to collect with their Council Tax, and is paid by householders from Alston Moor.

The amount paid by each householder depends on which band their property is in. Properties are put into one of eight bands depending on a presumed value, A being the lowest, and H the highest, with Band D being the average. Most properties on Alston Moor are in bands A – D.


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