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Welcome to Alston Moor which is home to a vibrant, self-sufficient community living in the high North Pennines, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Alston Moor Parish Council

Alston Moor Parish Council represents approximately 2,100 residents and is the third tier of local government. There are 15 Councillors, eight from the Alston Ward, four from Nenthead and three from Garrigill. Councillors are elected for a term of four years. Councillors are unpaid. Council meetings are held every month in Alston, Nenthead or Garrigill and are open to the public and the press. The Council has four part time employees who fulfil the Council’s statutory duties and manage Alston Town Hall.

District councillors Lissie Sharp and Dr Michael Hanley show Eden District Council Chief Executive Rose Rouse around Alston Moor


Contacting the Parish Clerk by using the contact page or emailing, or carrying out work on behalf of Alston Moor Parish Council may result in you leaving personal information. Your personal data will be kept in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Alston Moor Parish Council will not pass your personal data to any other individual or organisation. It should be noted under the Financial and Governance Regulations which the Parish Council is bound by, that some personal information is required to be minuted and available in the public domain. If you are concerned with any interaction with the Parish Council with regard to your personal details please contact the clerk. Please see the council’s Data Protection policy and Privacy Notices under Policies and Documents.