Tyne Willows Playing Field

Tyne  Willows  Playing  Field  is  owned  by  Alston  Moor  Parish  Council,  and  leased in  part  to  Samuel  King’s  School  as  a  school  playing  field.  Alston  Fitness  Club, under  separate  management,  run  a  gym  and  exercise  classes  in  Tyne  Willows Pavilion. Recycling facilities managed by Eden District Council occupy a corner of the car park.

The  field  is  available  for  hire  for  sporting  activities  or  events,  subject  to  the conditions set by the Tyne Willows Management Committee. To apply to hire the field  please  click here,  and here for  the  hire  conditions,  and here  for  hire charges.

Tyne Willows is the site for a number of annual events. The Sheepdog Trials take place  in  the  third  week  of  June,  Alston  Gala  the  following  week  and  the  Alston Sheep  Show  the  first  week  in  September.  It  is  also  host  to Alston  Football  Club, and the last couple of years has seen Alston Live, a vibrant music festival held in July.

Access onto the field may be restricted in early June, when the car park fills with bowtops  and  caravans,  and  horses  graze  on  the  field  en-route  to  the  famous Appleby Fair.

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