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Finance Documents & External Audit reports


Audit 2020

Audit 2019

Audit 2016 - 2018

Internal Auditors Report
To achieve the aim of being open and transparent to allow residents to see what the council spends its money on, details of payments over £100 can be found here.

Over £100

Community Plans

Alston Moor Community & Neighbourhood Plans

Representatives from Alston Moor Partnership, CAfS and Alston Moor Parish Council have produced a new community plan to assist with actions for the next few years. Community plans are an important tool for planning for the future, and Alston Moor has been involved in the production of a number of plans dating from the 1980’s. In time we hope to make all these documents available on-line starting with the Alston Moor 2002 action plans and health check.
Alston Moor is a designated Neighbourhood Area, and the Parish Council are considering taking the next step in initiating Neighbourhood Planning process. This is a time consuming task, so all involved need to be clear about the commitment if it is to go ahead.

Community Plans