Fairhill Estates Charity

The  Fairhill  Estates  Charity  is  open  to  residents  from  Alston  Moor  and  is  listed  by  the  Charity Commission  as  a  charity  for  the  relief  of  poverty.  Today,  this  means  that  any  resident experiencing financial hardship is welcome to apply. Assistance can be given with costs such as funeral  expenses,  fuel  bills,  playgroup  or  under  11  school  trip  fees,  telephone  monitoring  fees, one-off  transport  costs  to  cover  exceptional  circumstances,  or  other  financial  problems  not covered here. It can also assist with educational requirements for people over 25. (Individuals of secondary  school  age  and  up  to  25  should  contact  the  Alston  with  Garrigill  Educational Endowment at Samuel Kings School for further advice.) Grants are generally between £25 and £250. The  charity  cannot  assist  with  ongoing  payments,  or  any  circumstance  where  another agency has a duty to provide.

Applicants are required to complete an application form which can be downloaded here  It is also available from the  parish  clerk’s  office  and  Alston  Local  Links. The form must  be  countersigned by  someone  in  a  responsible  position  such  as  a  healthcare  professional,  head  teacher, representative from the CAB or similar.

The Fairhill Estates Trustees generally meet on the first Monday of the month, (second if the first is  a  bank  holiday),  and  meetings  are  held  in  confidence  following  council  meetings.  Applicants should receive confirmation of the decision within two weeks of the meeting.


The Fairhill Estates Charity receives its income from shares held with COIF Charities Investment Fund and rental income from three parcels of land around Alston. Two of these plots  are let on long-term  tenancies,  but  the  Parish  Pastures  are  let  on a  six  month  tenancy  by  competitive tender. The term runs from May to October and tenders are invited in March for consideration at the April meeting.


At  the  financial  year  end  the  income  from  rents  and  shares  has  to  be  allocated  between  the Fairhill  Estates  Charity,  the  Alston  with  Garrigill  Educational  Endowment  and  the  Garrigill Educational Endowment.  Anyone interested in the history of this can download an extract from the register of charities  describing  what  was  happening  at  a  time  when education  had  to  be  paid  for  and teachers might or might not be paid for their work.